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Marketing Keywords to Know: August 20, 2015

Understanding how the consumer feels is the first step to serving the community and creating loyal customers. Continue reading


Chicago and What Happens When CEOs Leave

It is difficult to see a revered leader, creative mind and trailblazer get up one morning, take a big stretch and say, “Yep, that was good. I’m done”. We want more. We expect more. While their ideas and contributions to society will immortalize them in history forever, we still look to these resources for guidance on what we could be doing better. Continue reading

How To: Get Your Press Release Noticed

Take control of creating your own buzz by learning how to get your press release noticed! Here are a few helpful tips: Continue reading

Trending Now: The Multimedia Press Release

If you think that being a journalist, writer or public relations professional makes you exempt from having to learn technology, good luck on keeping your job this year. Newspapers and magazines can be read from cover to cover with swipe of your index finger on an iPad and plain text articles with static photos will no longer do. Continue reading

The Fun Side of PR – Holiday Lookbook Event in Manhattan

When I heard about the Holiday Lookbook event taking place at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan, I kicked into fourth gear to get my client ready for this event. Continue reading