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Marketing Keywords to Know: August 4, 2016

360 Video

Definition: Media created with a special camera to show the viewer all 360 degrees of a scene



360 video is engaging, immersive, and quickly becoming a brand’s best friend. These special videos allow users to pan, zoom, and rotate their perspective of a video, easily allowing themselves to dive deeper into the environment and feeling of the content they are viewing.

The Facebook and YouTube videos are growing in popularity, with some racking up millions of views in a short time. The interaction encouraged from 360 video has helped brands engage with their target demographic longer by giving them one-of-a-kind experiences. This cool video from Gatorade is a great example:  where else can you see the point of view of a Major League baseball player complete with inner dialogue?

If baseball isn’t your thing, maybe National Geographic’s helicopter ride over a volcanic eruption will wow you.

It should be fun to see what else brands come up with as they develop new 360 videos!




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