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Marketing Keywords to Know: January 8, 2015

Day Parting

Definition: Altering your marketing strategy depending on the time of day


Everyone has been witness to day parting advertising, whether they realize it or not! Simply put, day parting is finding the best time to advertise a product with the best time the target consumer will see it. This is why we see diaper commercials during the day when young children are home with their moms. Business execs view software ads on their smartphones as they browse the internet on their way to work.

These well-timed advertisements can be persuasive enough to encourage the sale of a product, just by showing a consumer the right thing at the right time. By understanding that people process information differently during different times of the day, you can plan your marketing campaigns strategically and deliver outstanding messaging that will generate more attention to your brand!


About Lauren Young

Award-winning author of "Pour - Marketing Success Starts with the Right Ingredients", "Stir - Achieving the Perfect Marketing Mix" and the CEO/Founder of Freshly Baked Communications and Knead to Rise. Visit my website at http://www.FBC-Chicago.com.


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