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Marketing Keywords to Know: April 17, 2014

Street Level Marketing

Definition: Advertising done on public streets to help engage the public by encouraging the adoption of an idea, product or service

Giant footprints in the sand called attention to the release of King Kong 3D into theaters!

Gigantic footprints in the sand called attention to the release of King Kong 3D into theaters!


Street Level Marketing is yet another form of guerrilla marketing. Its advertisements rely on posters, window clings, and special build displays but can be found almost anywhere. This kind of marketing is effective because it captures a slice of life in real time and allows for gritty, eye-catching detail. It’s unapologetically in-your-face and hard to ignore.


A significant street level campaign introduced recently was in the form of a giant highball of scotch outside of New York’s Penn Station. The 10-foot-tall, 200 gallon drink had been draining slowly and was gone just in time for the Season 7 premier of AMC’s Mad Men. If you have ever seen Mad Men, then you know how significant the highball is to the lifestyle of the characters on the show. A well thought-out advertisement for a show centered on advertising!


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