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Marketing Keywords to Know: March 27, 2014

Drip Marketing

Definition: The volume and regularity of communication with a customer

You don't want to flood consumers with overly persistent communication.

Don’t flood consumers with too much content at once!

Drip campaigns are communication strategies that allow marketers to send automated messages or content to a potential or existing client in small, but effective amounts over time. This method is a gentle way to call attention to a product or service in small ‘drips’, instead of flooding potential clients with you brand. This allows just the right amount of contact to keep the business relationship alive. Drip marketing consists of, but is not limited to: email, direct mail and scheduled social media updates.

You may have encountered drip marketing if you have ever received a “thank you “ email for registering at a website, received coupons or other promotions for subscribing or daily tips from a health site. Amazon and Walmart have launched effective drip campaigns with follow-up emails that suggest similar products you may be interested in based off your search or purchase history. Drip campaigns are an excellent way to encourage repeat business!


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