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Marketing Keywords to Know: February 6, 2014


When you're chirping on social media, are you saying anything of real value?

When you’re chirping on social media, are you saying anything of real value?

Definition: Someone who influences thoughts and ideas via tweets and other forms of social media

In the online world, if one wishes to “make it” and be successful, they must have a strong online presence and have followers who actually care about what they have to say. In order to accomplish this, one should aspire to be a great thinkfluencer. Even the most well-known people fail at this, only because they aren’t connecting with their desired audience in a way that garners attention and makes an impact. Why not? They have no idea how to connect.

A good start to becoming a reputable thinkfluencer is by finding common ground and sharing opinions on topics that already receive a lot of attention. By doing this you are guaranteed to be conversing and exchanging ideas with people who hold common interests. These people are more likely to agree with your opinion because you “like” or “follow” something that is already of interest to them. Great minds really do think alike!

Next, you need to broaden your horizons and follow like-minded thinkfluencers and getting them and their fan base to follow you back. Your goal is to interact with as many real people as possible and growing your followers, dropping dead weight (people who chose not to reciprocate with a “follow”) along the way. Introduce content that will get people talking and sharing. The more attention you can grab, the better. People are more likely to be in interested in you if you already have a strong following. It makes you seem more desirable and knowledgeable. Just make sure your content is engaging enough to keep your followers entertained and coming back for more.

Last, but not least, play favorites. Favoriting someone’s tweet is like saying “I dig what you’re talking about”, without a making a desperate attempt to get their attention. It persuades them to see what you’re talking about also.

Thinkfluencing can be beneficial if you are trying to get your name and ideas out there, all it takes is a bit of time and effort.


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