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Do you need a resume to get a job? Part 5/5

Yes, but it’s no good if you can’t create buzz.

As I close out this month’s series about effective resumes, I would like to introduce you to an innovative new service, DoYouBuzz. With the tagline, “The NextGen Resume”, it will not be long before all generations visit this site to enhance their resume.

DoYouBuzz is a free online resume builder that allows you to think of your resume as a website, not just a static page. You can do everything from track who views your resume to add a portfolio with this site, and it plays quite nicely with Facebook and LinkedIn. Learn more about this site below in my exclusive interview with the COO of DoYouBuzz, Evy Wilkins.

Do you believe the days of the traditional resume are over?

Definitely, but not completely over. Talent manager are recruiting and applicants are searching for jobs online already, but our biggest challenge is to get employers to accept alternative forms of resumes. Some recruiters are beginning to use social media to search for applicants, but it’s a minor percentage.

70% of employers will Google potential applicants, not just for inappropriate photos and content, but they want to know what else you’ve done. Have you responded to an article with some insightful information? Do you have a blog that showcases your knowledge of your industry? They want to see this. DoYouBuzz is great because we give people the ability to own your presence online instead of having it shaped by others.

What do recruiters think of DoYouBuzz.com?

Most recruiters really like it because it’s a clean design. DoYouBuzz makes resumes easy to scan for the important information, because recruiters only have a few minute. The structure of the resume is crucial! Also, DoYouBuzz resumes are easy to share. You can send your resume as a link. Finally, DoYouBuzz resumes centralize your portfolios and samples.

I have been asked about using a blog to create an online resume, but it does not work very well, unless you are applying for a position as a blogger. One thing we are working on right now is to make sure that resumes fit in larger companies’ applicant tracking software.

What makes your company different from VisualCV and more importantly, LinkedIn?

VisualCV and most online resume builders lack the structure that DoYouBuzz has. The data in each of the design templates that you can choose from is coded in a way that search engines can read and classify very easily. Because sites such as VisualCV allow to customize so much information, you lose a lot of the search engine optimization.  Our resumes also apply to web design standards. People like to see aesthetically pleasing websites, which is something that Visual CV lacks. Also, if you purchase the Premium membership, your DoYouBuzz resume is an actual website with a customized URL based on your name, where VisualCV is just a page. This is great if you just need an online presence and can’t afford a custom-designed website.

LinkedIn is more of a network, where DoYouBuzz is a self-marketing tool. While LinkedIn is great for managing contacts and sending out information, DoYouBuzz is all about you, not who you’re connected to and how many groups you’ve joined. You own your data on DoYouBuzz, where on LinkedIn, there are many more restrictions. However, you can import your LinkedIn profile into your DoYouBuzz site and build on that content to make it more customized. I think LinkedIn paired with DoYouBuzz is a great combination.

Could you explain how Google Analytics works for DoYouBuzz resumes?

On the free version of our site, you can view how many people have visited your resume. Google Analytics allows you to go many steps further. Not only can you see how many people visited your resume, you can see what city these visitors came from, which pages they are viewing, how many times they have gone back to view your resume, which pages they are looking at and how long they are looking at these pages. And, Google Analytics is free to use, and we are available to help you set this up on your account.

There are some definite pluses to using DoYouBuzz.com, such as Google Analytics, personalized URL, web-friendly designs and the ability to import information from LinkedIn. What are some of the other advantages of your site?

You can also export your resume to your Facebook page and sync your resume to your profile. By syncing your resume with your Facebook personal profile, you can create a “Resume” tab on your Facebook next to your Wall, and any changes you make to your resume on DoYouBuzz will be automatically updated on Facebook. This is great if you are looking for a job and you would like to request the assistance of your friends.

You can also receive free SEO by choosing a resume title that speaks to what you do. Instead of writing, “Seeking job opportunities” try “Business Development Executive with Project Management Certification” to allow recruiters to find you easily. Also, create a strong description is what will appear on Google next to your name when recruiters search for you. So, if you would like to have a good ranking in search engines, be sure that you take this description seriously. If you need more information on how to write a good description or resume title, take a look at our blog.

What has been the feedback from recruiters and job seekers about your site?

People are really excited when they find our site. Job seekers are happy that recruiters are finding them on Google and that the site is so easy to use! Recruiters like the that designs are easy on the eyes. Before we launched DoYouBuzz, we spent six months reviewing the resume – why do people dislike writing them, how much time does it take to put it together, why is the resume such a pain in general. We believe the research allowed us to create such a user-friendly site.

What makes a successful DoYouBuzz resume?

My favorite piece of advice to give new users is to keep your home page “clean” – less is more. Blank space makes it easy for a recruiter to quickly scan your resume and spend more time focusing on your experience. In the first 10 seconds of seeing your resume, one should know who you are and what you’ve done. Also, people don’t like to scroll on websites. Try to keep the majority of your information within the screen.

I also recommend to import something to your DoYouBuzz site, whether it be a portfolio of writing and design samples, a blog, presentations or photos from an event. I really enjoy seeing slideshows of an event that someone organized.

Can you share with me what features you are looking to add to DoYouBuzz in the future?

Well, some things are top-secret, but I can share that people have asked for us to include the ability to feature recommendations, so there’s a good chance we are working on that. As always, we are making things more fluid and adding more customization for our users.

We’ve come a long way since we launched this company in France in 2008. I was working in France until we launched our English version of the site in April 2010, so I moved to San Francisco to manage the office here.

There’s some exciting things coming soon that we hope everyone enjoys!

For more information on DoYouBuzz, visit their website at http://www.doyoubuzz.com. Check out my DoYouBuzz resume online at www.lauren-young.com!


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